Special Purpose Visa

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This visa is automatically granted when individuals with a ‘prescribed status’ enter Australia.

This is a temporary visa that lets you enter and stay in Australia while you hold your prescribed status. You do not apply for this visa. It is granted automatically to people who meet the eligibility criteria.

Depending on your prescribed status, this visa grants you the following privileges:

  1. You can enter and stay in Australia temporarily, while you hold the prescribed status.
  2. You can undertake your regular work while in Australia as part of your military duties.
  3. You may arrive as an airline crew member, or join a flight as a member of crew.

Eligibility Criteria

You must have a 'prescribed status'. To have a prescribed status, this includes but is not limited to being:

  1. An airline crew member. You must be an:
    1. airline crew member
    2. airline positioning crew member
    3. aircraft safety inspector
  2. A person on board a ship of foreign armed forces. You must be:
    1. a person who forms part of the complement of a ship of the regular armed forces of a foreign government and
    2. on board the ship when it enters Australia
  3. A member of certain foreign armed forces. You must be a member of:
    1. the military or civilian component of the armed forces of a country that has a Status of Forces Agreement with Australia
    2. the armed forces of a specified Asia-Pacific country, travelling to Australia or in Australia as part of your duty
    3. the armed forces of a specified Commonwealth country, travelling to Australia or in Australia as part of your duty

You are also eligible if you are the accompanying spouse, de facto partner or dependent relative of an eligible armed forces member and are listed on the members military travel orders.

Inclusion of Other Family Members

In some limited circumstances, your partner or dependent relative may be eligible for a Special Purpose visa.

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