Resolution of Status Visa

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This visa is for Temporary Protection visa (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) holders who arrived before 14 February 2023.

This visa allows for a permanent resolution of status for TPV and SHEV holders who arrived in Australia before 14 February 2023.

This visa grants you the following privileges:

  1. You can live, work, and study in Australia permanently.
  2. You have access to government services such as Medicare and Centrelink services.
  3. You can access short-term counselling for torture and trauma.
  4. You can sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence through the family visa stream of the Migration Program.
  5. You can travel to and from Australia for 5 years.
  6. If eligible, you can become an Australian citizen.
  7. If eligible, you can attend English language classes for free.

You must be in Australia when you apply for the visa.

Eligibility Criteria

This visa includes the following criteria:

  1. To make a valid application for a Resolution of Status visa, you must be a holder (or former holder, and your visa was not cancelled) of one of the below visas:
    1. Temporary Protection visa (subclass 785) – and you first arrived in Australia before 14 February 2023
    2. Safe Haven Enterprise visa (subclass 790) – and you first arrived in Australia before 14 February 2023
  2. You must not be barred from lodging a Resolution of Status (RoS) visa application.
  3. You must not previously have your most recent TPV or SHEV refused or cancelled.
  4. You may be asked to provide documents as evidence of your identity, nationality or citizenship to support your application.
  5. You must meet our security requirements.
  6. You must undergo health examinations conducted by Bupa Medical Services to safeguard both your health and the Australian community. The health requirements might be waived if you have already fulfilled the health requirements for the grant of a TPV or SHEV.
  7. You must meet certain character requirements.
  8. Sign the Australian values statement if you are 18 years of age or older, confirming your commitment to respect the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws.

Inclusion of Other Family Members

Family members may apply together on the same application form. Each applicant must meet the requirements in their own right for the grant of the visa.

Newborn child

If a child is born after you submit your application but before a decision is made, you must send a notification using Form 1022. Provide a clear colour copy of the child's original birth certificate via ImmiAccount or email.

If a child is born in Australia, they automatically inherit their parents' visa.

If either parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the child becomes an Australian citizen by birth. Obtain an Australian citizenship certificate and attach it within ImmiAccount for such cases.


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