Refugee & Humanitarian Visas

Refugee and Humanitarian Visa

If you are seeking the protection of the Australian government due to persecution or substantial discrimination you have faced in your home country, the type of visa that you can apply for will depend on your location and how you entered Australia.

If you are:

  1. in Australia and arrived lawfully (e.g. on a visitor visa), you can apply for a Protection Visa, which is a permanent visa;
  2. in Australia and arrived unlawfully (i.e. by boat), you can apply for a Temporary Protection Visa (which is a temporary visa only) or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (which is a temporary visa that may lead to permanent residency in the future);
  3. Outside of Australia, you may apply for the following permanent residency visas: Refugee Visa, In-Country Special Humanitarian Visa, Global Special Humanitarian Visa, Emergency Rescue Visa, Woman at Risk Visa.


Whether you are in or outside of Australia, our experienced and skilled immigration lawyers can assist you in lodging a humanitarian visa application that will maximise your prospects of securing a positive outcome.

Please review the humanitarian visa options on our webpage, then contact us to arrange an initial consultation so we can explain the process moving forward to you for any given type of humanitarian visa.

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