Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia

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CPA Australia conducts skills assessments for individuals in accounting and finance roles who are planning to migrate to Australia or New Zealand.

CPA Australia plays a crucial role in facilitating skills assessments, ensuring that members’ qualifications and experience align with the industry standards required for migration to Australia or New Zealand. With a global membership of 170,826 individuals in over 100 countries and regions, CPA Australia extends its services to include education, training, technical support, and advocacy, actively engaging with various stakeholders to represent the interests of the accounting profession.

Skill Assessment Services

Standard Processing Times:

Approximately 60 business days

Fast Track Processing Times:

  1. Applicable to full skills assessments and additional ANZSCO code applications only
  2. Approximately 15 business days

General Processing Information:

  1. Processing times are subject to change based on circumstances, such as increased application volumes
  2. Indicative processing time; may vary from the initial application submission to the start of the assessment
  3. Excludes weekends, public holidays, and the end-of-year office closure period
  4. Applies to all application types: new, updates, appeals, additional ANZSCO codes, and skilled employment assessments

Additional Supporting Details:

  1. If the application requires additional information, it will delay processing
  2. Notification via email for any request for further information
  3. Application on hold until required information is provided
  4. Processing time restarts from the date additional information is received

Documentation Submission:

  1. Encourages applicants to provide all required documentation at the time of application
  2. Documents must meet specified standards

Application Deactivation:

  1. Pending application deactivated if requested supporting information is not received within 6 months
  2. Re-application requires completing a new application and payment of the application fee

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