Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

Temporary Activity Visa

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This visa allows you to come to Australia to do specific work short term.

This visa is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to undertake one of the following activities:

  1. Entertainer Stream:  to work in the entertainment industry in film, television or live productions in either a performance or behind-the-scenes role, such as directing, producing and other production roles.
  2. Invited participant Stream:  for people who are invited for stays up to 3 months by an organisation operating in Australia to participate in a specific cultural or social event or events. For example, conferences, sporting, religious and other community events.
  3. Researcher Stream: this covers the following scenarios:
    1. To observe or participate in a research project with an Australian tertiary or research institution.
    2. Students at overseas educational institutes involved in research in Australia closely related to their course.
  4. Religious Worker Stream:  to be a full-time religious worker, serving the religious objectives of a religious institution in Australia.
  5. Special program Stream:  to participate in an approved special program that provides opportunities for youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community benefits.
  6. Sport Stream:  this covers the following scenarios:
    1. To play, coach or instruct or adjudicate under contract to an Australian sporting club or organisation.
    2. To participate in a high-level sports training program.
  7. Exchange Stream:  to work in a skilled position under a reciprocal staff exchange arrangement to:
    1. give participants an opportunity to experience another culture;
    2. enhance international relations; and
    3. broaden participants’ experience and knowledge.
  8. Superyacht Crew Stream:  to be employed as a superyacht crew member on board a superyacht in Australia.
  9. Domestic Worker Stream:  to work full time in the household of certain senior foreign executives.
  10. Australian Government Endorsed Event Stream to participate in a government endorsed major event.

There are various eligibility criteria that apply to each given stream of the visa. We will inform you of the criteria that apply in your first meeting with us.


This visa requires sponsorship if:

  1. Your stay in Australia is for more than three months
  2. You apply in Australia.

The organisation that seeks to sponsor you must be approved as sponsor, or must have applied to be a sponsor, for you to apply for this visa.


If you want to come to Australia for less than three months and you are applying from outside of Australia, you do not need to be sponsored for this visa. Instead the individual or organisation in Australia who is responsible for the events or activities must meet a “Support Test”.

To meet the support test, an individual or organisation must provide a letter of invitation (if an organisation – on the organisation’s letterhead) which identifies the:

  1. Visa applicant and any family members travelling with them.
  2. Event/s, activity or work the applicant will be involved.
  3. Duties in relation to event/s, activity or work the applicant will be involved.
  4. Date/s, location/s of the event/s activity or work.

Duration of Visa

Your visa is valid for the period that aligns with the activities that you have been approved to undertake in Australia up to two years in general.

Where the application be lodged

The application can be lodged inside or outside of Australia.

If lodged in Australia, you will be granted a Bridging Visa which will allow you to remain in Australia lawfully until the application is decided. You must be in Australia to be granted the visa if you lodge the application in Australia.

If you lodge outside of Australia, you must be outside of Australia for the visa to be granted.

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